Fundraising Made Easy

Save At-Risk Youth in our Community!

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Online fundraising is fast and easy thanks to our personal fundraising pages and these 9 simple fundraising steps.

Step 1: Register to ride.

Step 2: Select your registration category and be a Challenge Champion.

Step 3: Create a team or fundraiser on your own, enter in your goal.

Step 4: Fill in your personal information.

Step 5: Fill in your emergency contact information.

Step 6: Sign your electronic waiver. Your registration is complete. Receive the link to your personal fundraising page with your email receipt.

Step 7: Personalize your fundraising page. In the signature block add a brief personal statement about the case.

Step 8: Tell everyone, send emails to, friends, family and co-workers.

Step 9: Follow up with everyone.

Raise over 1000 in 9 days

Day 1

Make your donation of $100 and make it anonymous.

Day 2

Ask 5 friends for a $20 donation.

Day 3

Ask 10 co-workers to give $20.

Day 4

Ask 10 family members for $20.

Day 5

Ask your doctor or dentist for $50.

Day 6

Ask 4 businesses you frequent to give $50.

Day 7

Ask 5 people from your place of worship or community to give $20.

Day 8

Ask 5 neighbors for $20.

Day 9

Congratulations! You raised over $1,000 -Share your success with your donors.

Day 10

Get ready to ride on October 3, 2020

Riders who raise funds online raise 4x as much as those who don’t!

Other Opportunities to Save At-Risk Youth in our Community

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